You own every album, you’ve got the tee-shirt, and you’re itching to do more to spread the word about your favorite guitar-slinging DIY warrior. You know how much work goes into being out there on the road, and you want to help. It sounds like you’re ready.

The best way to help is to lead or join a Tori Sparks Street Team. Tori has always said that it’s her phenomenal fans that are the proverbial fuel in her gas tank. Choosing to become a TS Street Team member allows you to go just one step further. You’ll join the small legion of volunteers who are committed to promoting the music of Glass Mountain Records artist Tori Sparks.

Tori Sparks. Foto: Desi Estevez.

You’ll help build buzz about upcoming album and music video releases, get the word out about local shows, and spread the DIY ethic wherever you tread. Street Team members use their remarkable street savvy (i.e., local knowledge) to reach the places we can’t – local coffeehouses, clubs, bars, art spaces, record stores, book stores, and other locations in their neighborhoods.

Several weeks before the next time Tori hits your town, you’ll receive an arsenal of funalicious promo material. Your available weapons of choice will include posters, mini-fliers, stickers, and other swag to help you paint the town Tori and help pack the house for the show.

Did you think we’d forget to say thank-you? Nope! Naturally, tasty goodies like free stickers, tees-shirts and CDs will also be headed your way. And you’re on the permanent guest list for the show.

Ready? Click HERE to get started.

Not quite ready to join, but still want to do something to help spread the word? No worries. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Add or “Like” Tori and share her music with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, InstagramReverbNation, Soundcloud, and so on. Create a FB page or other fan site to connect with Tori Sparks fans and to spread the word to potential new ones.
  • Call or email your local college and indie-friendly radio stations and request that they play songs from Tori’s albums.
  • Write reviews of Tori’s albums and shows for a local/college paper or blog, or email your favorite music magazine to suggest they do the same. It works. Trust us.
  • Play a Tori Sparks album between artists at a local concert, or in the background at your place of employment (retail store, coffeehouse, club, bar, book store, etc.) Position the CD case on the counter, if possible.
  • Create your own music video to a Tori Sparks song and post it on YouTube and other online video outlets. We’ll even post it on the website and on!
  • Host a house concert. For more information on how to host a house concert, click here.  Then please contact us with your vision for the event,  and we’ll try to help you put it in motion. This is a unique opportunity to present one of your favorite artists in an incredibly special, intimate setting.

THANK YOU for supporting independent music.

-Tori Sparks and GMR