Since 2005, Tori has released six critically acclaimed albums under the auspices of her own record label (Glass Mountain Records), including her most recent work La Huerta, her second bilingual collaboration with Spanish flamenco fusion trio Calamento and guitarist El Rubio.

Tori Sparks. Foto: Luis Lecumberry.

Smashing traditional concepts of genre, the band continues to experiment with new sounds without sacrificing the unique combination styles that won them fans the world over with their first collaboration, El Mar (Glass Mountain Records, 2014).  Called “incredibly high caliber” (Ruta66), “unclassifiable and refreshingly free of cliches” (La Vanguardia), and “passionate, fierce, powerful” (Dirtyrock), the new album La Huerta is the culmination of Tori’s varied musical and cultural experiences since she first started touring over a decade ago at the age of 17.

A stunning live performer, Tori walks the line between soulful and hilarious, blending ironic stand-up style humor with inventive songs written in English, Spanish, and occasionally French. She has played to 30 people in a house concert, and to 30,000 people at prestigious music festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and Bele Chere in Asheville, (In)Fusion Flamenca, GREC Festival, and the Voll-Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz in Spain, Su La Testa in Italy and many others.

Sparks is no stranger to unexpected musical partnerships. Her fourth album, Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark, marked her third project with producer David Henry (R.E.M., Josh Rouse, The Cowboy Junkies, Widespread Panic), and her first with Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, Elvis Costello, Velvet Underground, Gypsy Kings, Rosanne Cash). Tori has been interviewed and/or reviewed by Rolling Stone, The Los Angeles Times blog, NPR, The Village Voice, Paste, Radio3, Radio 4, Americana UK, Rock in Spain, All Music Guide (5 stars), El Mundo, and many more. She is known as a champion of the DIY business model, and regularly speaks at universities, performing arts schools, and music conferences such as South by Southwest, the International Folk Alliance, WOMEX, and the Indie Music Conference.

La Huerta: Album Release Show. Foto: Rafa Rubiales.         

She is also known for actively giving back to the community through music, and is the creator of The Feed Your Soul Guitar Project, a tour and folk art auction benefiting Oxfam America. Tori has organized and/or performed at benefit concerts on behalf of the National Federation of the Blind, the March of Dimes, VH1’s Save the Music, Rett Syndrome International, the One Campaign, Pinktober, Ronald McDonald House, and most recently the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She is a strong proponent of social justice and music education.

Tori, El Rubio, and Calamento are currently on the road in Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK and beyond. See for more information. Tori is proud to be endorsed by D’Addario, and exclusively uses D’Addario strings and Planet Waves instrument cables.



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The official music video for “Nature Boy” from the album La Huerta. Directed by Francesco Tavolaro. Featuring Helena Mankowska  and Marc Espuny Sanchez.

Watch the video for “Wade in the Water” featuring Calamento and El Rubio. Recorded in front of a live studio audience in Feelback Studio, Barcelona.

Visit the Glass Mountain Records YouTube Channel for more Tori Sparks music videos, behind the scenes mini-documentaries, and live concert footage.



“Tori Sparks is a courageous woman… Her new album is in keeping with the tendency to push the envelope that has continually marked the career of this particular artist… she’s an adventurer.”  Rolling Stone (Spain)

“Her emotion is genuine and affecting, the [Spanish guitar] is superlative, and the arrangements are daring… there’s something vital and ambitious about this album. Intriguing, impassioned… La Huerta is a fresh plant.” Songlines (UK)

“The talented Tori Sparks… is a knockout…”
–Joe McCombs, The Village Voice (US)

“Here’s a singer/songwriter with the strong, eloquent vocals of Bonnie Raitt and the guitar mastery of Joni Mitchell… a bounty of subtle rock and haunting blues.”
–Nancy Dunham, Relix (US)

“[Tori Sparks] has developed an innate capacity to observe and reflect the world around her in the form of a song. She has nipped in the bud any question of stylistic limitation…. She has vaulted over the barrier of the classic American ‘singer-songwriter’ to become something much more profound, more global, more multidimensional. And furthermore, she’s managed to it with such style…”
Efe Eme (Spain)

“One quickly learns to recognize Tori… The production gives the songs the weight they were meant to have, and the textual meaning is reinforced by the distinctly talented instrumentalists playing behind her. It is an album that captures it’s audience immediately. When I played it at home with people visiting, the questions came spontaneously: ‘Who is this? Who is the singer? What’s her name?’”
Roosty (Sweden)

“Tori Sparks’ new album is a flawless collection by a name that deserves to be far better known, and an artist whose back catalogue I’ll now be tracking down.”
NetRhythms (UK)

“Indescribable, I loved it… a new form of ‘Barcelones-Americana’ fusion. Highly recommended, it’s worth it to look her up discover for yourself the result of this incredibly interesting mix of styles.”
 –Deruting (Spain)

“Fiery, gutsy delivery. 5 of 5 stars.”
All Music Guide (US)

“Tori Sparks is one of those independent singer-songwriters who’s so driven it seems like signing with a record label would only slow her down. Sparks sings with distinct intensity. Bluesy folk-rock in a Tom Waits vein: rough-edged, worldly-wise and potent.”
The Nashville Scene (US)

“Sparks has a soulful style and a wide, wide range. The worldly influences are clearly evident… This is a major work here and is as deserving of a broad based audience as much as anything I have heard in the last few months. I don’t think it took me even a full listen for me to judge her new album as one of the better albums of the year.”  Folkworld (Germany)

“With a warm and elegant sound and a dead-on choice of material… in La Huerta we find an artist in her full glory who is on the scene to stay. Without a doubt one of the strong points of the album is its impeccable production by Sparks herself, which paints in light and shadow every detail of a great creative journey, at times recalling the magnificent work of Javier Limón… Icaro Lavia wrote about [Sparks’] album release concert in Barcelona: “Tori Sparks sings with that made-in-America attitude that causes her to seem like the empress of the whole world.”  Amén.” Muzikalia (Spain)

“It is time that the world pays more attentions to this woman [Tori Sparks]!”
–Ingo Andruskewitch, Music an Sich (Germany)

“Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen… I can see [Tori’s] name printed boldly amongst these illustrious phenomena… definitely a keeper… Words fail me to describe why I enjoy her so much.”
Folkwax (Canada)

“In riveting intensity, she has mastered the marrow-deep conviction and passion that made Janis such a phenomenon. By a factor of 10, Sparks is a true full-spectrum artist… a movingly hypnotic instrument of thickly painted canvases… Greco-esque in smoldering storminess and power. In truth, try as I might, I can’t summon up a comparative except in the male domain: Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Randy Newman.”

“As brave and innovative as ever, Tori uses her spectacular voice as never before. Her inimitable talent shines through, making irrelevant questions as to whether this music is folk, rock, or flamenco. The range of emotions that [she] elicits are as varied as the twelve tracks on the album. Bravo.”

“Tori was simply spectacular on stage… I was enthralled by her performance and very much look forward to her gracing our fair city again sometime in the future. She is a true star with such enthusiasm, and completely original music that dives deeply into the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to see/hear her in person. Her stage presence is stunning.”
CHLY 107.3FM (Vancouver BC, Canada)

“Tori Sparks is one of those examples of initiative and perseverance, where pragmatism and artistic intuition has lead her to great heights indeed. She has just released – and self-produced – an album that is treasure chest of multiple musical styles.”
La Vanguardia (Spain)

“Drenched in drama, featuring Sparks’ torrid vocals splashed over self-penned, alternative roots-rock numbers that sizzle with authenticity.”
Performing Songwriter (US)

“The way that Tori tells a story through song, and in four minutes, even manages to bring the listener from a smile to a tear and back, is phenomenal. Let nothing stop you from listening to Tori Sparks.”
Rootstime (Sweden)

“With over 200 concerts a year, Tori is one of the most hard working women in the music business…Tori Sparks is a great singer-songwriter who works with many great artists. This album is top in its genre!”
Keys and Chords (Belgium)

“Tori Sparks is almost a flamenco singer. Almost, because she halls from Nashville (Tennessee), the Music City, and doesn’t do orthodox flamenco. Her fusion isn’t limited just to musical styles… And live on stage? Emotive, joyful. Full of subtleties, like her music.” Qualsevolnit (Spain)

“Many have attempted to fust of rock and flamenco, they’ve worn themselves out trying, and failed. The fact than an American is forging a clear new path in this complicated direction is both daring and respectable at the same time… [La Huerta] is an interesting tightrope walk… traditional details… blues and rock… very good.”
Sound and Image (Germany)

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